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Pre Construction Termite Soil Treatment

Footing Trench Treatment - The first step in pre construction treatment against White ants is to treat the walts and base of the footing trench with our chemical. Concrete is then poured in the trench to from the footing of the exterior wall.

Exterior Trench Treatment - After the extrior walls are up, a trench is made a round the entire building deep enough to expose the footing. This treanch is thoroughly treated. As it is refilled with soil, the replaced soil is saturated with the solution. Pre- construction treatment can be timed to fit into your building schedule. With our careful coordination with that of your building work, termite control can be achieved without the slightest delay in construction. Such treatment generally guarantees im munity from termite atleast 7/10 years.

Pad Treatment after the footing has been poured and exterior walls started all of the exposed soil that will be under the slab of building is thoroughly drenched with the chemical.