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Woodborers Management

Woodborers a re tiny beetles whose larva feed extensively on wood. The adults make tiny pinhead size holes on wooden surface before flying out. The frass or powder then begins to fall out from these tiny holes. This is the first sign of infestation in the furniture. The Treatment Wood preservative chemicals are iniected into the tiny holes created by the woodborers with help of a syringe. The kills the larvae present in the wood. The surface-is also sprayed with chemicals having a petroleum base.

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Populotion of Household pests like Wood-Borers/Weeds eic.

The Treatment is based on:

1. The use of Oil base chemicals spraying

2. Advance Technology Chemical Injection Treatment

3. At the Source/Infested areas Wood- Borers Like Wooden Furniture's/Showpieces/Ply-boards etc at your premises.

Service Frequency : 1 years Service contract 3 Reg u la r services at the interval of 30 days.