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Rodent Control

The treatment is for the management of Rodent i.e rats, mice, bandicoots.

Treatment - Star One Rodent Services has been targeted to provide the total and effective control of rats and mice. There is no single or one answer for rodent control. However, it s a combination of baiting, trapping proofing methods.

We will provide Baiting with Safe & Slow but constant poison baits.

Like Bromodiolene base Anti-Coagulants grain baits/wax-blocks.

Elective & safety purpose are killing solutions.

In addition of Trapping & Tracing measures.

Like GlueBoards & Metal Traps (Boxes) at sensitive areas. Giving better results to manage Rats population.

Service Frequency : 1 year Service Contract Through Entire Structure 12/24 Regular services with Monthly Track Visits.